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In a surprise move, Hangry&Angry have suddenly released a brand-new single to commemorate their first performance in the USA at this weekend's SakuraCon.

Here's the official news, courtesy of JapanFiles. They've uploaded a pretty lengthy sample at their site (and of course, you can purchase it there as well):
The single is available at the same time as Hangry&Angry's appearance at Sakura-Con in Seattle, WA. The artists make their North American performance debut this weekend at the yearly Japanese cultural event, held April 10-12, 2009, at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in downtown Seattle.
HANGRY&ANGRY @ 「Sakura-con」 Episode 0

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Former Momusu Mikitty & Shouji Tomoharu
to Wed This Summer

On March 24th, it was announced that ex-Morning Musume leader Fujimoto Miki (24) and comedian Shouji Tomoharu from comedy duo Shinagawa Shouji will complete their 2-year-long relationship with a wedding in July. Currently they are scheduling the ceremony day and other necessities. Fujimoto's agency confirmed the wedding news for our publication.

The agency sent us a fax entitled "The Engagement Report". Within it, Fujimoto explains her joy about her engagement with Shouji, saying, "I'm really happy I met someone who helps me grow, and we really understand and support each other. I would be really happy if you could give us your warm support from now on."

Fujimoto plans to continue with her career, but will prioritize her family.

Furthermore, Shouji's agency published his comment. Being obviously very happy, Shouji said, "I've been captivated by Miki's kindness and straightforward personality, so I decided it's about time to seal this almost 2-year-long relationship with a wedding. From now on, we plan to clasp our hands and work hard towards reaching happiness together."
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On Sunday, February 1, the 22 members of Elder Club graduated from Hello Project in a concert held at Yokohama Arena. The concert, which featured the return performance of 21-year-old Tsuji Nozomi, was the biggest H!P concert ever, featuring 72 members.

Also, if the translated article is correct, this concert includes the last performance of the iconic Hello!Project hit "Love Machine".

To commemorate the March 31st graduations of the "Hello Project" Elder Club (the older members), including former Morning Musume members and Matsuura Aya (22), a concert began on February 1 at Yokohama Arena, and nearly ten thousand fans showed up to watch their final show.

This concert also included the currently active members, and was the largest Hello Project concert, with 21 groups and 72 members. In the same place they sang their major debut song "Morning Coffee" at a handshake event on February 1, 1998, original Morning Musume members Nakazawa Yuko (35), Abe Natsumi (27), and Iida Kaori (27) sang it again with memories of those days. Both graduating and current members also sang "Love Machine" for the last time, "retiring" the song.

During the final ceremony, representatives of the current members Takahashi Ai (22) of Morning Musume, Yajima Maimi (16) of C-ute, and Shimizu Saki (17) of Berryz Koubou each read a farewell message through their tears. Morning Musume's 6th leader Takahashi declared, "Even when you've graduated, we all look up to you. And of course, please keep on supporting us as fans. And please become even better rivals for us than you already are. Hello Project will last forever."

In response, graduate representatives Nakazawa, Abe, Matsuura, and Melon Kinenbi's Saito Hitomi (27) read their formal reply, "Even outside of the Hello Project framework, each of us will continue to move forward in our individual ways, using all we've learnt in the past. We want to keep going on with everybody, always using our strongest weapon, 'smiles'." Nakazawa looked upward repeatedly to hold back her tears, while Abe wiped her tears away with her arm as they tried to muster their voices.

After a final choral performance of "All For One & One For All", with all members smiling, the 22 members lines up, joined hands, and gave an enthusiastic three cheers along with the fans. With so many feelings in their hearts, they left the stage.

With this, Hello Project shrinks from 78 down to 56 members, with the average age dropping from 18.0 to 15.1.

Former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi (21), who married actor Sugiura Taiyo (27) in June 2007 and gave birth to daughter Noa (1) that November, also made her return to the stage this day. It had been one year and nine months since her last official event, debuting with "Gyaruru" that April. Her husband and daughter watched over her from the stands, as she sang six songs cheerfully. Tsuji boasted that, "I haven't danced in about two years, so when the music started playing at rehearsal, it was amazing. My body still remembered how. Even after 10 years (after graduating), I wonder if I'll still remember those songs."
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Ice Creamusume


Ceng De Ping, Peipei, Gu Yun, Guu-chan, Ice Creamusume, Qiu Cui Ling, Reirei, Wu Si Xuan, Shenshen, Zhao Guo Rong, Youko, Zhong An Qi, Anchii,
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因此她將於明年1月10日從中野Sun Plaza開始的早安家族 Elder Club公演~Thank you for your LOVE~的舞台再出發。
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Iida Kaori's child passes away

"According to Iida's agency, the child began having kidney problems right after birth. He was kept in the hospital while receiving treatment, and Iida continued watching over him there. In April, the boy was released from the hospital. But on the morning of July 27, the child's health suddenly worsened and his kidneys ultimately failed.

Iida had reportedly been overwhelmed with grief, but she has gradually been able to overcome her grief. She has decided to return to work, starting with an Elder Club performance in Tokyo on January 10."

I pray for the souls of the departed
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Abe Natsumi

Abe Natsumi
Release Date: December 3, 2008

"Screen", produced by Tsunku, is the 11th major single from former Morning Musume member Abe Natsumi. It's also her first single release in over a year. A Single V is set to be released on December 17th.

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Taiyou & Ciscomoon To Reform?

It's been nearly ten years since the "legendary" girl group "Taiyou & Ciscomoon" debuted, and now there are signs of a possible "reformation".

At this point, it's all based on private comments. On the blog of former member Kominato Miwa (31) it was mentioned that she had been in contact with another former member, RuRu (32), for the first time in several years. This led to Kominato phoning the other members. Apparently, this led to comments such as, "We should all get together."

RuRu doesn't currently have a plan to return to Japan, but it seems that they are in contact and trying to set up a time to meet again. While feeling nostalgic for those busy days of ten years ago, Kominato eagerly suggested, "I should call everyone over to my place for an Asayan viewing session [...] How long would it take to watch every episode?"

Taiyou & Ciscomoon was a group of four women produced by Tsunku and formed after an audition process on TV Tokyo's "Asayan" from 1998 through 1999. The diverse members of the group were former Osaka Performance Doll Inaba Atsuko (34), Chinese member RuRu, Seoul Olympic gymnast Shinoda Miho (36), and Kominato from the Kominato School of Minyo. In March 2000, they changed their name to "T&C Bomber". In October of the same year, they held their final concert before disbanding.
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